Updates on What I’m Doing

Body Swap ebook cover

I got the short story “Body Swap” ready. Since it’s short, I’m offering it for free to give you a taste for my storytelling abilities. I will have it out soon. This is a suspenseful story, but there is a touch of fantasy in it because of how everything plays out. Overall, I would say supernatural thriller if I had to set a hard and fast category to it.

This story is about 5,000 words long. Like I said, it’s short.

Here’s what it’s about:

When Justin agreed to go on a high school camping trip, he thought it might be a chance to get to know the cute girl, Riley, better. But Brandon won’t leave her side. And worse, as soon as Brandon notices that Justin has an interest in her, he and his jerk friends chase Justin and Justin’s friend, Craig, deep into the forest.

Just when Justin didn’t think things could get any worse, Craig ends up missing. Never mind the fact that it’s dark and spooky and he’s all alone. He can’t go back to the camp without Craig. So he sets out to find his friend, and when he does, he’ll end up having to make a deal with an old man who was thought to be dead.


Haunting Screams ebook 1

I already gave the description to this in another post, so I won’t rehash it here.  I’m putting this one out when I release The Dimensions Trilogy. This one might is more of a science fiction thriller.  It is 10,000 words. I’ll offer it for free for a limited time when it’s first released. After that, it goes to $0.99.


I finally have descriptions to Books 1 and 2 in The Dimensions Trilogy! (Description for Book 3 will be coming soon.)

Secrets Ebook Cover

This is a YA Fantasy Trilogy. Yes, it starts out in the real world we’re all a part of, but as the series progresses, there are other worlds (in other dimensions) that involve magic. There’s also a high sense of danger and suspense. I’m currently having the covers worked on.

Here’s the description for Secrets (Book 1):

Raven, Montana is a small town, secluded from the rest of the world, where nothing exciting ever happens. But high school senior, Jessica Riley has never felt like she lacked anything. Well, that is, except for that one special boy who can make her life complete.

When she meets Steve Montgomery, the newcomer, the void she always experienced with her past boyfriends is finally filled. With Steve, she has everything she’s ever wanted.

There’s just one small problem…

Steve didn’t come to Raven to fall in love. He came to escape a dark past, something that didn’t originate in this world but has a definite hold on it…and on him. As much as he longs to be free from it, it’s followed him, and it’s about to threaten anyone who gets close to him.

And unfortunately for Jessica, he cares about her a little too much.

And here is the description for Stalker (Book 2):

Raven, Montana is a small town where nothing exciting used to happen. But forces from another world are pressing in, and those forces will make Raven anything but boring…

Jessica Riley now knows Steve Montgomery’s secret. She knows why he says they can’t be together. And logically, it makes sense. But one thing she’s learned from her past relationships is how rare something like true love is. It’s something that only happens once in a lifetime. So when someone finds it, they need to fight for it. And she’s determined to fight for Steve, no matter what the cost will be.

While Steve loves her, he can’t let her risk everything just to be with him. She doesn’t understand how dangerous his father is. His father has plans. Dark plans. Plans that don’t include Jessica. And he’ll stop at nothing to get his way.

Steve Montgomery was trying to escape his past, but dark forces from another world have followed him to Raven. He wants to fight it, but how can he when those forces threaten the girl he loves?


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