New Short Story Coming Out In March

I’ll be publishing this at the same time I put up The Dimensions Trilogy. This story is a little over 10,000 words long, and it’s one of my personal favorites.

Here’s the cover:

Haunting Screams ebook 1

Here’s the description:

After her boyfriend dumped her for her best friend, Elaine is eager to enjoy her summer vacation in Florida with her cousins. At first, everything is perfect. She’s hanging out with her cousins and has a wonderful date with an awesome guy. Being far from Ohio is exactly what she needs to forget the past.

Except for one small thing… Late at night while she’s asleep, there are terrifying screams coming from the small island that is across from her cabin. No one else hears them. And worse than that, she’s beginning to think those screams are meant for her.

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