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you're next ebook cover 4

I saw a murder. One of my classmates killed another student.

And I made a tragic mistake. I didn’t tell anyone right away. I didn’t tell my mom. I didn’t tell any of my teachers. I didn’t even tell the police. I was so scared that I kept it to myself. By the time I got the courage to say something, no one believed me.

Only one person believes me. And he’s the one who killed her. If I could go back and change anything, it would be that I would have told everyone right away.

Because by keeping quiet, I’ve given the killer an advantage. I’ve given him time. Time to come up with ways to hide his crime. Without a body, there is no evidence. And everyone thinks the girl is on a family vacation.

Now the killer is coming after me, and he’s determined to keep me quiet…forever.


Series (ebook and paperback)

The Dimensions Trilogy

All of these great covers were made by Stephannie Beman. I’ve known her for years, and she’s very professional and easy to work with. If you’re interested in a good cover artist, here’s a link to her site.

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Book 1: Secrets

Secrets Ebook Cover


Raven, Montana is a small town, secluded from the rest of the world, where nothing exciting ever happens. But high school senior, Jessica Riley has never felt like she lacked anything. Well, that is, except for that one special boy who can make her life complete.

When she meets Steve Montgomery, the newcomer, the void she always experienced with her past boyfriends is finally filled. With Steve, she has everything she’s ever wanted.

There’s just one small problem…

Steve didn’t come to Raven to fall in love. He came to escape a dark past, something that didn’t originate in this world but has a definite hold on it…and on him. As much as he longs to be free from it, it’s followed him, and it’s about to threaten anyone who gets close to him.

And unfortunately for Jessica, he cares about her a little too much.

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Book 2: Stalker

Stalker ebook cover


Raven, Montana is a small town where nothing exciting used to happen. But forces from another world are pressing in, and those forces will make Raven anything but boring…

Jessica Riley now knows Steve Montgomery’s secret. She knows why he says they can’t be together. And logically, it makes sense. But one thing she’s learned from her past relationships is that true love is rare. It’s something that only happens once in a lifetime. So when someone finds it, they need to fight for it. And she’s determined to fight for Steve, no matter what the cost will be.

While Steve loves her, he can’t let her risk everything just to be with him. She doesn’t understand how dangerous his father is. His father has plans. Dark plans. Plans that don’t include Jessica. And he’ll stop at nothing to get his way.

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Book 3: Showdown

Showdown new cover

Raven, Montana, a place once thought to be boring, will send Jessica Riley and her friends into another world where the rules are vastly different than the ones they’re used to…

Steve Montgomery has finally given his father what he wants. He has joined his father into the Seventh Dimension where his father is determined to establish his reign.  But Jessica is just as determined to get Steve back, and her friends have agreed to help her.

As soon as they get to the Seventh Dimension, Steve’s father sends them all through portals that will take them to different words, worlds they could never have imagined in the quiet and safe town of Raven. Worlds of magic. Worlds where time doesn’t have any meaning. Worlds where anything is possible.

And it’s up to each one to find their way back to the Seventh Dimension before Steve’s father will have his way. Because if he succeeds, then Steve will be lost forever, and Jessica can’t allow that, no matter what challenges she has to face.

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Short Stories (Ebook Only)


body swap ebook cover 3


When Justin agreed to go on a high school camping trip, he thought it might be a chance to get to know the cute girl, Riley, better. But Brandon won’t leave her side. And worse, as soon as Brandon notices that Justin has an interest in her, he and his jerk friends chase Justin and Justin’s friend, Craig, deep into the forest.

Just when Justin didn’t think things could get any worse, Craig ends up missing. Never mind the fact that it’s dark and spooky and he’s all alone. He can’t go back to the camp without Craig. So he sets out to find his friend, and when he does, he’ll end up having to make a deal with an old man who was thought to be dead.

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haunting screams new ebook cover 3

After her boyfriend dumped her for her best friend, Elaine is eager to enjoy her summer vacation in Florida with her cousins. At first, everything is perfect. She’s hanging out with her cousins and has a wonderful date with an awesome guy. Being far from Ohio is exactly what she needs to forget the past.

Except for one small thing… Late at night while she’s asleep, there are terrifying screams coming from the small island that is across from her cabin. No one else hears them. And worse than that, she’s beginning to think those screams are meant for her.

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Sweet Romance Anthology (Ebook and Paperback)

This fits in the New Adult genre since the heroines are over 18, so both romances are sweet (meaning, there’s no sex).

Bride By Design New Ebook Cover

In “Online Proposal” (by me), Colleen O’Hara’s friend is playing matchmaker, and she sets her up with Drake Reed by sending Drake Colleen’s email address. This is a romance where the two fall in love before they even meet in person.

In “Tristan’s Redemption” by Catherine LynnMaggie O’Hara lands a job in New York City with a popular bridal design shop. But her move to the big city has unexpected surprises in store for her when she comes across a handsome homeless man who needs a second chance at life…and love.

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